'Defy the odds'

Martijn van Rheenen

Be the storm

Martijn van Rheenen (Harlingen, 1977) has served as the founder and managing partner of Momentum Capital since 2005, in addition to working as a speaker, an entrepreneur, and an influencer. With the private equity firm as his catalyst, Van Rheenen merges the assets of high-potential projects and companies. As a result, Momentum Capital has transformed into a private equity firm with 35 employees and a global portfolio in excess of 450 millions of euros. Van Rheenen created an international boutique investment company with a focus on clean tech, urban development, and leisure. Under his management, Momentum Capital has built an impressive track record.

"What my partners and I have in common is that we're all influential investors. Creating value for the companies we invest in lays the foundation for the security (risk management) and prosperity (returns) we provide. That's why we invest in companies dedicated to improving an industry or market by hiring the very best and by giving it their full attention. These companies are less likely to be affected by stormy markets; in fact, they anticipate the storms and benefit from market changes. Sometimes they become the storm by strengthening or initiating market changes themselves. That inspires us. That is part of who we are."

Martijn van Rheenen