'Defy the odds'

Martijn van Rheenen

Be the storm

Martijn van Rheenen (Harlingen, 1977) is the founder of Momentum Capital and SemiFest, and also speaker, entrepreneur and inspirator.

With his entrepreneurial investment company, Momentum Capital (founded in 2005), Martijn brings together equity and projects/companies with potential. Under his management Momentum Capital built an impressive track record and a global portfolio in excess of 750 million euros (enterprise value).

"What my co-investors and I have in common is that we're all entrepreneurial investors. Creating value for the companies we invest in lays the foundation for the security (risk management) and prosperity (returns) we provide. That's why we invest in companies with the best people that are dedicated to changing an industry or market for the better.”

SemiFest is an initiative that organizes dynamic events by combining the best elements of a seminar, a sports event and a festival. IGNITION, the first SemiFest event on January 8 in Paradiso, was an unforgettable twelve-hour journey where entrepreneurs, artists and athletes turned their dreams into an unstoppable mission for 2020.

“When you feel a deeper meaning behind your mission, you can achieve just about everything”

Martijn van Rheenen